Want to be a great networker?? Be a great employee!

March 10, 2010 at 9:14 pm Leave a comment

A client recently got a job without interviewing based only on the recommendations of people who had worked with him previously. How did he accomplish this feat? He has always been a top performer, as well as someone who stays in touch with people he has worked with in the past.  Too often job seekers start working on building their network when it’s too late-when they need to find another job!   Being a good networker starts much sooner-it starts in  your job right now.  By striving to exceed expectations in your current role, you are building a reputation as a good employee that others want to work with.    By helping out that co-worker when they need help, you are developing a relationship that may help you out later.   Being an employee like this is the kind of person others want to work with again, and they will remember you when a job opens up at their company in the future!  This is how the hidden job market gets tapped into-when you find out about the openings before they are truly open!

So while you are toiling away at your current job struggling to find the motivation to get the job done,  think of your current job and the connections you make as the springboard to the next opportunity. Go help that co-worker or see if your boss needs help with a project. It might just pay off for you down the road!


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