Not Qualified for the Job? Then don’t submit your resume!

April 13, 2010 at 5:10 pm Leave a comment

We frequently hear complaints from employers that they have far more resumes to review than positions to fill-typically at least 500 resumes submitted per open position!  Imagine the frustration of the recruiter when over half of the submitted resumes do not meet even the mininum qualifications. For example, if they ask for 10 years of management experience, and you do not have even 1 year of management experience, then you should not apply for the job.

While the “cast a wide net” strategy may seem like a good idea, we have found that for most it is not a fruitful strategy. A targeted job search strategy is one in which you decide what occupations are the best fit for your experience, skills, and interest, and then you pursue those types of positions. Included in your job search strategy should be the seleciton of industries and companies that are a match for the type of culture you wish to work in and as well as for your personal values. By focusing on the companies that you want to work at, rather than just randomly applying at whatever becomes available, your put yourself in control of your job search. In addition, your time will be better spent looking for networking opportunities into the companies you want to work at instead of taking the time to apply to any and every job on the job boards!


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