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It is Never Too Late To Realize Your Dreams

Do you often find yourself watching the clock at work, anxiously waiting for it to reach 5:00 p.m.? Have you ever caught yourself day dreaming about the ways your life could be different had you chosen an alternate career path? If so, you are not alone. Countless Americans are unhappy with their current employment situations and are spending 40 plus hours a week in jobs that are not only unfulfilling and unchallenging, but often times extremely stressful. How did you get to this point? Many of us feel forced to put aside our dreams and desires because they are deemed impractical or unattainable. The easier or more “stable” career path is chosen out of fear because it presents itself as the safer, wiser choice.

Unfortunately, the more practical career path is not always the one you dreamed of or the one that is necessarily right for you. Or perhaps you thought you were getting into a career you would love and ten years later realized your heart just is not in it anymore. After devoting all of these years to one particular career path, it is terrifying to think about starting all over doing something completely different with your life. So where do you go from here? Step one is admitting to yourself that you are unhappy in your current job. Denial will only make it harder to realize your dreams. Step two is much more important. Step two involves actually doing something about it. You can choose to live the rest of your life simply “treading water,” or you can wake up and realize that life is short and should not be wasted in a job that simply pays the bills and nothing more. Your job should bring meaning to your life and provide happiness, as well as success. If for as long as you can remember you have dreamt of working with animals or children, then you should research careers in veterinary medicine, teaching, etc. and figure out what steps you would need to take to make that kind of a career change.

If you have no idea what you would like to do but are certain that your accounting job will never provide the fulfillment you desire, there are a few options to explore. There are tests specifically designed to identify your strengths and point out careers that would be well suited for you. Or you can visit a career coach who will work with you one on one to determine the best path for you to choose. Though we may not like to admit it, the majority of our lives are spent at work, which makes it incredibly important to enjoy what we do. There is no reason to feel “stuck” in your current position or feel as though you must spend the rest of your life in the same, unsatisfying career. Whether you have been in the workforce for two years or twenty years, it is never too late to follow your dreams and create a meaningful career.


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Not Qualified for the Job? Then don’t submit your resume!

We frequently hear complaints from employers that they have far more resumes to review than positions to fill-typically at least 500 resumes submitted per open position!  Imagine the frustration of the recruiter when over half of the submitted resumes do not meet even the mininum qualifications. For example, if they ask for 10 years of management experience, and you do not have even 1 year of management experience, then you should not apply for the job.

While the “cast a wide net” strategy may seem like a good idea, we have found that for most it is not a fruitful strategy. A targeted job search strategy is one in which you decide what occupations are the best fit for your experience, skills, and interest, and then you pursue those types of positions. Included in your job search strategy should be the seleciton of industries and companies that are a match for the type of culture you wish to work in and as well as for your personal values. By focusing on the companies that you want to work at, rather than just randomly applying at whatever becomes available, your put yourself in control of your job search. In addition, your time will be better spent looking for networking opportunities into the companies you want to work at instead of taking the time to apply to any and every job on the job boards!

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Mom is Going Back to Work!

Let’s face it, you HAVE been working since you have been staying home with your kids, just not getting paid for it, right?? Too bad most employers don’t consider the amount of organization, multi-tasking, and disciplining you have done over that time as “real” work experience. Getting back to being employed and paid can be tough for stay-at-home moms. Some tips for getting in the door include:

-Take some time to think about what you really want to do. You don’t have to go back into the same job that you were doing before, and chances are your priorities have changed. For instance, you might have been a traveling salesperson before but that type of schedule may not work for you now that you have children. Check out some books with career inventories or visit with a career coach to focus your job search.

-Do volunteer work. This is an opportunity to get you out of the house and help you to sharpen up your business skills. You may also make some valuable connections volunteering that will help you in your job search.

-Identify the industries you want to work in and make a list of companies in your area that you would want to work at. Utilize your network through friends, family, and others to make personal connections with people at these companies.

-Take some relevant professional training courses. Many moms feel out of touch with what the latest technologies are-don’t let these doubts hurt your confidence-get up to speed!

-Network, network, network!  Your ability to make connections is what is going to get you in the door, and no one does it better than stay at home moms!

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